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Please watch the video opposite. This is a report made in the US but reflects the situation in the UK.

Mileage tampering, or 'clocking' is a major fraud, netting unscrupulous sellers  thousands of pounds in additional profit when selling a car. 

Don't be one of the people who end up buying a used car with more miles on it than is showing on the odometer!

Do a Free Car check first to verify the details held with DVLA match the vehicle then check hpi information held on record.

Check Hpi Free can provide you with all the known history of any used vehicle and you can verify any mileage recorded.

With the inroduction of the electronic submissions during the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test, mileage is now automatically recorded but unless you check vehicle mileage prior to purchase, you will only discover any alteration later.


When you use Check HPI Free for your registration number check, after verifying the details with our free car check, one of the searches we carry out for you is a mileage verification check. Avoid buying a 'clocked' car by verifying the mileage data.

Today's Check Hpi Free recommended provider offers a check on mileage. Don't buy a car that has had its mileage tampered with.



Confirm the recorded mileage and find out as to whether it has been altered. This practice is referred to as 'mileage correction', 'mileage tampering' or 'clocking'.

Car clocking is a  major problem in the used car industry resulting in 1000's of used car buyers every year purchasing vehicles that have incorrect mieage, mileage much lower than the vehicle has actually covered.

When this information is discovered by doing an online car check, the vehicle is then marked down in value based on the additional wear and tear.

Vehicles with a pre-car check value of £8000 could be re-valued as low as £4500 or even less.

There are numerous mileage correction specialist in the UK that will alter your mileage for less than £100 and whilst this practice is not illegal, it IS an offence to knowingly sell a vehicle that has had a mileage correction. This does not prevent 1000's of cars being sold every year with higher than shown mileage.

This only confirms the importance of doing a car check online and verifying the true recorded mileage before you buy any used car.

Don't take the chance, once you have done your free car check, use Check Hpi Free and do a full hpi check.

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